Philly Bride Vintage Wedding Dress Alteration Service in Philadelphi

Philly Bride Vintage Wedding Dress Alteration Service in Philadelphi

Philly Bride Vintage Wedding Dress Alteration Service in Philadelphia

Philly Bride Vintage Wedding Dress Alterations

At Philly Bride, we specialize in vintage wedding dress alterations and restoration, handling several decades-old dresses. Choosing a wedding dress is a significant life event, and you might be fortunate enough to have a vintage dress passed down from your mother or grandmother. 

Many mothers and grandmothers dream of seeing the next generation walk down the aisle in these beautiful, timeless gowns. We firmly believe wedding dresses should be cherished, repaired, and worn again, not discarded.

Vintage wedding dresses are unique and delicate. At Philly Bride, we treat each gown with utmost care and respect. Our team has the specialized skills, equipment, and expertise to restore vintage wedding dresses to their original splendor.

Common Challenges with Vintage Dresses

When you pull your cherished dress out of storage, you may find unexpected stains and discoloration. But don’t worry! We offer affordable restoration services to make your dress look as good as new. Our team ensures that your memories from that momentous day are preserved, not lost. 

Our Restoration Process

Restoring vintage wedding dresses requires love and precision. When we receive your gown at Philly Bride, we conduct a detailed evaluation to identify the type of damage. Restoration involves removing all yellowing and discoloration. Over time, improper storage can cause oxidation, leading to yellowing of the fabric. We address these issues meticulously.

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Philly Bride's 8-Step Wedding Gown Restoration Process

  1. Inspection Before Cleaning: We thoroughly inspect the gown to assess its condition and identify specific restoration needs.
  2. Preparation for Cleaning: We prepare the dress by identifying areas requiring special attention.
  3. Pre-Spotting: We treat stains and spots before the main cleaning process.
  4. Dry Cleaning: We use advanced dry-cleaning techniques suitable for delicate fabrics.
  5. Steaming/Pressing: We carefully steam and press the gown to restore its original shape.
  6. Inspection & Re-Assembly: We inspect the dress again and reassemble any detached parts.
  7. Embellishments: We handle delicate embellishments with care, ensuring they are intact.
  8. Boxing and Packaging: We pack the gown in acid-free materials to preserve its quality.

Our Expertise in Vintage Dress Restoration

Our highly skilled specialists offer top-rated vintage wedding dress restoration services. With our expertise, you won’t see any signs of damage on your precious gown, such as flooding or smoke. We are committed to treating your family heirloom as our own at Philly Bride.

Services We Offer

– Removing stains, grease, lipstick, or any other unwanted marks.

– Eliminating yellowing and brown patches caused by prolonged storage.

– Utilizing eco-friendly cleaning procedures to avoid toxic chemicals.

– Employing methods that are more effective than traditional dry cleaning.


Our clients rave about the care and expertise we provide in restoring their vintage wedding dresses. Read their stories and see the transformations.


Can an Old Wedding Dress Be Restored?

Our specialized techniques can restore most vintage wedding dresses to their original beauty.

Can You Clean a Wedding Dress After Five Years?

Absolutely. We handle dresses that have been in storage for many years.

How Can I Keep My Wedding Gown from Turning Yellow?

Proper storage in a cool, dry place and using acid-free materials can prevent yellowing.

How Much Does Wedding Gown Restoration Cost?

The cost varies depending on the extent of restoration needed. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Can All Vintage Wedding Dresses Be Restored to Their Original Beauty?

While most can be, the extent of restoration depends on the dress's condition and fabric type.

What Happens if My Wedding Dress Cannot Be Restored?

We will discuss alternative options with you, such as partial restoration or preservation.

I want to add some Decorations to my gown to modernize it. When Should I Do This?

It's best to add adornments before sending in your dress for restoration. Our process includes applying a protectant to the gown, which will safeguard it during your wedding ceremony. Restoring the dress after alterations ensures it remains vibrant, clean, and protected for your special day.